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Elizabeth Shugart

(b. 1997) Tampa, FL

Elizabeth Shugart is an environmentalist and artist working with photography and digital media. She works with photography singularly, but her work frequently takes the form of collage, combining her own photographs with archival images. In her work Shugart explores specific environmental topics in which the economy has taken precedence over nature, interested in our persistent manipulation of natural systems for our benefit. Through her work, Shugart considers how the decisions made in the past impact the environment in the present and future.


Shugart received her Bachelor of Arts degree for Studio Art and Environmental Studies from Rollins College in 2019. Recent exhibitions include Cease and Desist, Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Winter Park, FL (2019); and Et Cetera, Cornell Fine Arts Center, Winter Park, FL (2018). Shugart was a recipient of the 2019 Eleanor J Matthews Art Scholarship and Wolfgang Domain Scholarships.

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