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Shark Collection


A series of textile patterns designed for an Eco-friendly swim wear line focused on cleaning up our oceans. This collection highlights shark conservation. The client was looking for designs and patterns with the jaw of a shark, resulting in a number of approaches to determine the aesthetic fit. Concepts ranged from minimalist line drawings to colorful illustrated approaches to creating the jaw. 

Reef Collection

spotted_fish_pattern copy 2.jpg

This collection highlights the threat climate change poses to the coral reef ecosystem. As Hülya engages with a community of ocean lovers and adventurers, I designed a collection of patterns to highlight beloved reef species that are in jeopardy of surviving coral bleaching. In designing this collection I hope to expand the awareness of the far reaching impacts of climate change.

filefish_pattern copy.png
filefish_model copy.jpg
spotted_fish_on_suit copy.jpg
patterns on strappless template copy.jpg
patterns on strappless template copy.jpg
shell pattern suit_larger2 copy 2.jpg
Artboard 1-100.jpg
patterns on strappy copy.jpg
patterns on strappy copy.jpg
bleached_coral_.3 copy.jpg
brain_coral_bathing)Suit copy.jpg
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